Collecting: Avia Vintage Wristwatches

With origins dating back to 1887, Avia were a successful Swiss watchmakers well-known for manufacturing innovative, high quality timepieces at affordable prices. During World War II the company even made wristwatches for the US military.

The Quartz revolution forced Avia to rethink its business model, at first successfully adapting to the market with the forward thinking SwissSonic digital watch. However as other companies came forward with mass produced cheaply manufactured products, Avia like other watchmakers soon began to struggle and by the 1990s the company was on its way to ceasing production.

In 2001 the Fossil group acquired the Avia trademark and still produce quartz watches in their name to this day, but gone was the original brand that had manufactured such elegant timepieces.

Today, many examples of these beautiful wristwatches are still available on the grey market. With some starting as low as a mere £20.00 (though condition varies) it’s astounding to think you can own (or purchase as a gift) a wonderful timepiece with genuine horological roots in Swiss watchmaking for the price of two cinema tickets.

The model featured here (costing a little more at just under £60) is a 17 jewelled Incabloc (the original gold standard in shockproof technology since 1928) men’s wristwatch from the 1960s.

Antimagnetic and water resistant it still has excellent precision in timekeeping despite its grand old age. Recently fitted with a new domed acrylic glass that really showcases the stunning pearlescent face which wonderfully alternates from silver to gold in different lighting conditions.

eBay is your gateway to choose one of your own, just make sure you study the description, returns policy and seller feedback when doing your research.

Good luck.



1 thought on “Collecting: Avia Vintage Wristwatches

  1. Sheriff of Nothing September 11, 2018 — 12:27

    This model is, I believe, the Avia Roulette. So called because of the design of the hour divisions and the alternating red/black dates


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